June 2013 – Scout

Artwork Commissioned by a friend

“Scout”, Mixed Media Artwork Commission

Wig ;)

Just a little doodle I did over top of the new Jcrew catalog for kids. I think its interesting how all the kids in this catalog look like tiny adults in their cardigans and shoes that match every outfit.  Jcrew shoes are usually over 100.00 a pair so I’m not sure how anyone affords this type of attire for their children.  Either way its definitely adorable.

Secret Admirer

Doodling on my lap this Sunday evening. ;)  Snackin on Nutella + hangin out with Mr. Bobby.

Blow Me a Kiss

Blow me a kiss from across the breadth of my reflection.  I see you in there, breathing and thinking.

Spirit of this girl, playful and strong.


“Hover” 8 x 10 inches

Spending time alone isn’t for everybody, but for me its a blessing.

I look at this one and i see myself – it feels like somewhat of a reflection.

Touch Me All Over

This piece, like all of my mixed media pieces, are made on these clayboard mounted boxes and are one of a kind. This one is square (12″ x 12″ x 2″) – called, “Touch Me All Over” and the art actually wraps around the edges for a more 3D type look. The surface is covered with an acrylic sealant for added protection. It is also notched in the back for easy hanging on a nail or screw. :)

I hope this one goes to someone bold + sexy. Rawr.  Buy it now on Etsy >>

BareWalls 2009

So yesterday I participated in the 15th annual BareWalls 2009 exhibit – a benefit to support the endowed BareWalls Scholarship Fund for aspiring students at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  It was a nerve-wracking/crazy/fun experience to make artwork live in front of the audience (on an 8-hour deadline), but I’m really glad I did it.  I had the opportunity to meet a lot of new artists and really enjoyed the challenge.  I was really timid at first, but finally met some really great people that got me out of my shell.  The volunteers were also very helpful in hanging my pieces and bringing me food/water! Kudos to them!

The artwork you see here is my favorite finished piece out of all 5 I ended up completing for the show. Check out some of the other photos on flickr. Enjoy!

Some awesome artists I met at the show:
Lorna Filippini-Mulliken
Kathleen King
Carmel Anderson
Sandra Hart
Virginia O. Roeder

There’s No Place Like Home

Click, Click – her heels smack together as she prays for a way out of this mess.  If only she and her little dog toto could jump on their basket bike and ride off into the sunset.

Photos from Manoogian!

Yay these are some pics from Manoogian – he bought one of my pieces on Etsy and was nice enough to document what it looks like in his space. :) yay!